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Policy for Post Graduate Scholarships

Statement of Policy Regarding

Awarding of Pottawatomie-Lincoln Baptist Association

Post Graduate Scholarships



 I. Any person qualified to study in a Southern Baptist post-graduate program who has been a member of a cooperating Baptist church in Pottawatomie-Lincoln Association for at least one year is eligible to make an application for an OBU Scholarship.


II. The Discipleship Ministry Team of the association and the Associational Missions Strategist shall screen each applicant and select the ones eligible.


III. Any applicant entering the post-graduate program for the first time will furnish evidence with his application.


IV. Candidates will furnish and be screened by the following information:

1. A biography written by the student (200 words or more).

2. Furnish a letter and a letter from their pastor or another minister.

3. Furnish a letter from their university/college teacher.

4. Furnish a letter from a lay-leader of their church.

5. File a completed application. (Applications are available at the Association Office or online at


V. Any other Scholarship received by the applicant will be considered by the Ministry Team in determining the amount of scholarship granted.


VI. Any student applying for the scholarship must carry at least 4 semester hours.


VII. Applications should be returned to the Association office by May 31 for Fall Semester and October 15 for Spring Semester.


VIII. Candidates must submit a renewal application each semester they wish to receive the Scholarship. They are not automatically renewed each semester.