Ministry Purpose

To enable the churches to fulfill their unique mission of instructing, training, enriching, and enabling men, women, and children to recognize, acknowledge, and commit to the biblical model of family and provide channels for cooperative family ministry (Ephesians 5:21-6:4).

Team Director - Monte Dean


Men's Missions and Ministry - _____________, Leader
- Enrichment
- Royal Ambassadors
- Missions
- Promise Keepers

Women's Missions and Ministry - _____________, Leader
- BGCO Events
- Enrichment
- Girls In Action (GA's)
- Hope Pregnancy Center
- Missions education
- Training/resources

Senior Adult Ministry - Mark Wright, Leader
- Senior Adult Choir
- Trips
- Resources

Singles Ministry -Michael Pelter, Leader
- Training/resources
- Divorce recovery
- Single parenting
- Fellowship activities

Youth Ministry - Weston Young, Leader
- Rallies
- Training/resources and conferences
- Camps/retreats

Children's Ministry - Tanya Bruton, Leader
- Training/resources
- Camps and fellowship activities
- Child advocacy and Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children
- Evangelism

Christian Life and Ethics - Wanda Hill, Leader
- Abortion Alternatives
- Legislative issues / public policy
- Family values

Marriage & Parenting - vacant
- Enrichment
- Training/resources
- Counseling
- Links for Resources
       Association of Marriage & Family Ministries (find "Resource Members" tab)
       Faithful and True Ministries
       Family Life
       Family Ministry Today
       Focus on the Family
       Hope Pregnancy Center
       Inverse Ministries
       Legacy Milestones
       Marriage Network of Oklahoma
       National Center for Biblical Parenting
       Visionary Family Ministries

  June 2020  
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