Memorial Day

 The PLBA Office closed Monday, May 27

In honor of Memorial Day.

May Birthdays and Anniversaries


     1      Rev. Keith Henley, Pastor, Chandler Southern

     2      Rev. Dale Rogers, Retired Pastor

     8      Rev. Kevin Fox, Pastor Karis Ministries

     8      Mrs. Amanda (Brandon) Leslie, Pastor’s Wife, First, St. Louis

     8      Rev. Anthony Rhone, Pastor, Galilee

     8      Rev. Mark Streetman, Pastor, First, Earlsboro

     9     Mrs. Judy (Jim) Morning Star, Retired Pastor’s Wife

    13     Rev. Randy Dirrim, Pastor, First, Asher

    13     Mrs. LaShai (Anthony) Rhone, Pastor’s Wife, Galilee

    14     Mrs. Danielle Collyer, Pastor’s Wife, Pink

    15     Dr. Paul Calmes, Retired Pastor

    17     Rev. Mike Collyer, Pastor, Pink

    20     Mrs. Shelby (Earnest) Cowden, Pastor’s Wife, Fairview

   22     Mrs. Gayle (Dan) Campbell, Pastor’s Wife, Faith, Harrah

    27     Mrs. Renee (Lane) Buckley, Pastor’s Wife, Trinity, Wellston

    28     Rev. Mike Hazelwood, Pastor, Mammoth

    31     Rev. Bobby Burnett, Retired Pastor



   6     Rev. & Mrs. Don Acker, Pastor, Salateeska

   5     Rev. & Mrs. Earnest Cowden, Pastor, Fairview

   6     Rev. & Mrs. Lee Witt, Pastor, Hazel Dell

   9     Rev. & Mrs. Al Farrow, Retired Pastor

 22     Rev. & Mrs. Doug Parker, Pastor, Dale

 27     Rev. & Mrs. Bill Howse, III, Pastor, Victory Pointe

 28     Rev. & Mrs. Charles Kimball, Pastor, First Shawnee 

 29     Rev. & Mrs. Dale Rogers, Retired Pastor