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October 27, 2016, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey...November 2016

   What a day and age in which we live! We live surrounded by confusion and endless talk and swirling differences of opinion. We hear in the news of how human beings are capable of treating one another in the most horrific ways. Natural disasters are happening almost faster than can be reported. Some people have no qualms about habitually lying or maybe flaunting their sins or desperately trying to cover them up. Our national focus seems to imply these issues can be solved by electing the right official(s).

   As media pundits continually analyze and discuss the latest political news, there still seems to be a remnant of moral awareness—even among those who don't appear or profess to be Christians—as they struggle to hold public figures to a slippery slope of public accountability. "Where does that moral awareness of right and wrong come from?" It literally comes from the remaining shadows of the Judeo-Christian truths, based upon knowing the one, true, holy God. That should immediately “pivot” us right back to HIM, to HIS holiness, to HIS absolutes, to HIS laws, which are pure and timeless.

   A strange dichotomy exists in our world today: the attempt to remove the Ten Commandments, for instance, from public display, and yet, many seem disappointed or even astounded when people break those very laws in their everyday living. Why? Because in a civilized nation, who can say they really want to live in a land where people murder, covet, steal, bear false witness (lie), break up marriages with unfaithfulness, and dishonor their parents? If all of those basic tenets of the faith truly disappeared, we would quickly and horribly self-destruct. Yet, that only has to do with the “laws” regarding our relationship with our fellow human beings. The first few of the Ten “laws” speak to our relationship with holy God, giving Him full allegiance and honor. As Christians, our ultimate responsibility is to honor HIM with all that we are and all that we do. Let us not lose our focus and settle for looking to mankind for all of our answers, instead of serving HIM in such a way that we will most assuredly be able to stand in HIS presence one day and hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”   

   Marsha Cook, Director


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