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April 20, 2016, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey...May 2016

   As I cared for my elderly parents with Alzheimer’s 24/7, there seemed to not be enough hours in the day or energy in my body. I had friends and medical personnel here who helped, but it was still a challenge. My only sister lives 1500 miles away and flew down periodically to help. One day as we talked on the phone long distance about that day’s challenges, she said, “We need to pray about…” Without thinking, I said, “You pray. I’ll go do.” Her quiet response over the phone was, “Why do you suppose God put us both in the same family?”

   Stunned and a bit embarrassed, I knew in my heart she was doing all she could do from a distance, which happens to be what she does best. She is the consummate prayer warrior but she couldn’t be here often to do the daily tasks. I was praying “on the go,” as I tried to learn how to meet one physical and emotional need after another. She was right. God had put together the perfect family team to meet this nearly overwhelming need long before any of us knew of the need. But He knew.

   That is how the Body of Christ works, whether in marriages, families or in churches. God places a combination of uniquely gifted members of the Body together. When they function correctly, each person’s giftedness dovetails with the other. There are no Lone Rangers ™. We shouldn’t be jealous of one another, wishing for gifts we don’t have or work ourselves to death trying to cover too many bases. Instead, we should a) discover our spiritual gifts and talents, b) develop them, and c) work carefully, cheerfully and willingly with each other to fit them together in the Body of Christ so that “it” functions well!

   Our family has had several broken bones or surgeries or illnesses. These times have shown us plainly how each part of the physical body depends upon the other and how each is necessary. The parts have individual functions, but none function correctly alone. When marriages, families, or churches are not functioning well, we need to learn to ask why not…and be willing to let God show us His plan…as we work together in the same Body.   

Marsha Cook


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