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August 26, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey... -September 2015

   “Move-In Day” at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee just happened recently. I daresay not many campuses in this country welcome incoming Freshman students with such fervor and “style!” For six years, I taught Sunday School in the College Dept. of the church where I am a member. An annual highlight each of those years was to be on campus on that day, helping welcome incoming Freshmen women—women who were considered as girls fresh out of high school just before they stepped out of their cars. As they are swarmed by welcoming upperclassmen/women to help unload and move them into their new dorm rooms, it’s amazing how that one step out of the car signifies a whole new era in life!

   I will never forget those years. I would spend the day going to every room in the Freshman women’s dorm.  I met as many of the new students as I could but I also met their parents. Sometimes dads and moms. Sometimes just moms. Occasionally just dads. All working hard to get their daughters settled. Dads using power tools to put furniture together, moms pressing wrinkles out of comforters on bunk beds over and over with loving hands…long after the wrinkles were gone. All releasing their “little girls” in their own way.

   As “Move-In Day” turned into night this year, I found myself thinking about those students who had spent all day moving in, just a few blocks away from my home. The busy traffic across town had quieted down. Students were in…most parents were gone. I remembered my own first night as a Freshman—49 years ago—and wondered what thoughts were going through their young minds! I was struck once again with the responsibility and opportunity our local churches have to help care for and nurture the students who have been lovingly deposited by their parents in our midst, for at least four years of their precious lives. Many of them will spread out across the world in the future, carrying the Gospel with them wherever they go. Let us do our part in hospitality and in preparing them well for Life!!!

Marsha Cook


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