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Our purpose is to glorify God by enabling each church to fulfill it's unique mission for Christ and provide channels for cooperative ministry. The association is focused on church planting through partnership Missions and church revitalization through training and consultation.

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A Word of  Encouragement from our
Director of Missions

  Billy Graham died on February 21, 2018 at the age of 99. Throughout his life, Billy Graham preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to over 215 million people who attended more than 400 crusades, simulcasts and evangelistic rallies in more than 185 countries and territories. At his last crusade in June, 2005, in New York City, Graham said, “I have one message: Jesus Christ came, he died on a cross, he rose again, and he asked us to repent of our sins and receive him by faith as Lord and Savior, and if we do we have forgiveness of all our sins.” (And I might add, the promise of an eternal home in Heaven.)

  This was a very simple message. One that many preachers today have managed to complicate and explain beyond recognition. We will be well served...and the church in America will be well served…to come back to that basic, simple message. I’ve asked—and been asked many times—who do you think will be the next Billy Graham! I think the best answer to that question is, “There will never be another Billy Graham!” However, the simple message he preached has been and can continue to be spread throughout the world (post Billy Graham) by people just like you and me. As greatly as Graham was used by God, he was not the only one who took the gospel to the nations. Multiplied millions of others are doing the same thing, albeit in a very different way. You can be one of those people!

  Pray that God will continue to raise up faithful, godly, scriptural men and women to proclaim the gospel—the simple gospel—to the nations in this century as he did in the previous century. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Russell R. Cook






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