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October 26, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget from my Spiritual Journey - November 2015

   NOVEMBER…a month to focus on “thankfulness,” which sends my mind all over the place. I am literally overwhelmed at how much I have for which to be thankful!

   Of course my salvation in Jesus Christ is #1. Beyond that, God’s patience and graciousness to forgive me over and over and over for sins that occur in my life and His willingness to always teach me new ways to become more like Him are continually amazing.

   I am also thankful for the family He has given me. First, my parents and sister, and then in later years, the addition of a loving husband, three children and their three mates, and seven grandchildren. I am so grateful for our strong and loving marriages. Although we stand in constant need of improvement, I am blessed that we all love Him and each other!

   For the years I have been privileged to serve the Lord in many ministry roles, I am humbled that God would have in His plan to use one of the shyest little girls on earth to share with others His love for them. I would have never guessed that God would stretch and use me beyond my wildest imaginations and that He would “loose” my shy tongue, both literally and through writing, so that I could have the joy of teaching and sharing with others His great love.

   As an American citizen, I am also amazed at how patient God is being with us as a nation. Reflecting upon both the history of our nation and the current events I see today, I am “blown away” that God has not already let His very heavy hand of judgment fall upon us. Never a perfect nation, yet based upon the Judeo-Christian laws of God’s Holy Word, we have come a long ways from that basis and literally deserve His judgment for our national sin(s). Yet, because of the remnant of His people here and because of His gracious patience, we are still here. Let us never forget that we are “…one nation, under God…” and be thankful that He has continued to allow us to be so.

Marsha Cook


September 30, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget from my Spiritual Journey - October 2015

   Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up taking piano lessons and have served as a church musician for almost 60 years. I remember back when churches began to be introduced to "choruses" instead of "just hymns." I have always been involved in accompanying or singing both styles for most of that time. However, when Life becomes, shall we say, challenging, it is the words to those familiar hymns that come to me readily in my time(s) of need.

   Our daughter is currently experiencing great health needs. Many additional circumstances of her life make it seem like there are insurmountable obstacles all around. Yet, both despite and because of multiple circumstances that are seemingly impossible to navigate, our family is walking through this time with unbelievable peace, although we cannot see the future at all in any of this! Step by step, God is at work, unfolding His plan and giving each one of us wisdom in how to be available to help her. He is making provisions we could not have foreseen and is bringing people into our lives who are not only good resources but who are also great encouragers.   

   What does that have to do with music? Because much of what we believe from the Bible as a Christian family has been so beautifully expressed in hymns that are also implanted in our hearts. As we have been maneuvering through the logistics and emotions of it all, the words to these hymns are ringing true...

"Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine...Oh what a foretaste of glory divine..."

"Trust and Obey...For there's no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey..."

"Great Is Thy Faithfulness...Oh God my Father...Morning by morning, new mercies I see...All I have needed Thy hand hath provided..."

"No, Never Alone, No Never Alone...He promised never to leave me alone...."

“Because He Lives…I can face tomorrow…Because He lives all fear is gone…Because I know He holds the future…And life is worth the living just because He lives.”


{P.S. Yes, we would love to have your prayers!}

Marsha Cook

August 26, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey... -September 2015

   “Move-In Day” at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee just happened recently. I daresay not many campuses in this country welcome incoming Freshman students with such fervor and “style!” For six years, I taught Sunday School in the College Dept. of the church where I am a member. An annual highlight each of those years was to be on campus on that day, helping welcome incoming Freshmen women—women who were considered as girls fresh out of high school just before they stepped out of their cars. As they are swarmed by welcoming upperclassmen/women to help unload and move them into their new dorm rooms, it’s amazing how that one step out of the car signifies a whole new era in life!

   I will never forget those years. I would spend the day going to every room in the Freshman women’s dorm.  I met as many of the new students as I could but I also met their parents. Sometimes dads and moms. Sometimes just moms. Occasionally just dads. All working hard to get their daughters settled. Dads using power tools to put furniture together, moms pressing wrinkles out of comforters on bunk beds over and over with loving hands…long after the wrinkles were gone. All releasing their “little girls” in their own way.

   As “Move-In Day” turned into night this year, I found myself thinking about those students who had spent all day moving in, just a few blocks away from my home. The busy traffic across town had quieted down. Students were in…most parents were gone. I remembered my own first night as a Freshman—49 years ago—and wondered what thoughts were going through their young minds! I was struck once again with the responsibility and opportunity our local churches have to help care for and nurture the students who have been lovingly deposited by their parents in our midst, for at least four years of their precious lives. Many of them will spread out across the world in the future, carrying the Gospel with them wherever they go. Let us do our part in hospitality and in preparing them well for Life!!!

Marsha Cook


June 23, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey...July 2015

   As a college student in the ‘60’s I noticed with alarm new trends on many state or private campuses. Marchers carried protest posters and cars displayed bumper stickers that tried to declare “God Is Dead.” Others claimed, “The Devil Made Me Do It” or “If It Feels Good, Do It.” Joseph Fletcher’s book on situation ethics (do whatever the situation calls for, with no absolutes) was favored by many students, likely raised by parents using Dr. Benjamin Spock’s ultra-permissive child-rearing books.

   I highly suspect we are reaping the fruit of those days of rebellion. Bible reading, prayer and copies of the Ten Commandments were essentially removed from schools and abortion became “legalized.” Marriage and divorce experienced great shifts in acceptability. Now, when random college students are interviewed by TV journalists on streets, campuses and beaches, it is evident their answers to even the simplest historical and political questions are unbelievably devoid of knowledge and their moral compasses seem non-existent. Life, from the womb to the tomb, seemingly has little value in the minds of many.

   I have long felt that if people could convince themselves that “God Is Dead,” then they are handily unaccountable to anyone for any actions they choose to take, any decisions they choose to make. After all, if there is no God, then what can He expect of you or do to you??? Sin is real and freedom is not a license to sin.

   It is high time that humans—ALL created by the one holy God—understand that a cardstock poster board with a marker message, a plastic bumper sticker or a manmade law, will not, absolutely cannot, do away with God! The God Who made us all and Who gave us this majestically beautiful Earth to live on, precisely placed among the heavenly bodies of endless universes, is not threatened by, nor destroyed by such pitifully, futile attempts.

   How sad to resist so fully the greatest and most sacrificial love ever displayed, when He already GAVE the life of His Son for us so that we could live with Him in eternal peace and forgiveness. There is only one (evil) source who has tried repeatedly through the ages to silence the message of that great love gift. He has already lost that “war” eons ago. However, he will battle his fate to the end and we often find ourselves caught in the crossfires.

“For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16.

   That, dear friends, is where we find true liberation/freedom in life…whether we reside in this traditionally great nation of America or anywhere else on planet Earth!

Marsha Cook


May 27, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey-June 2015

   JUNE...the month of many weddings and Father's upon us. What better time to think about families and the heritages that result from each of them! Today, the definition of a family is being stretched and tried in many arenas. Personally, I have been blessed with a largely traditional heritage.

   Recently, someone inquired about my heritage "in the ministry." As I replied, I was reminded of how exposure to those with a strong faith can affect generations yet to come. My paternal grandfather (PaPa) worked in oil fields and then at a hospital. At some point, he was ordained to the Gospel ministry. He served as a supply preacher many times and possibly as a bi-vocational Pastor briefly. He and Grandmother were very strong Christian influences in my life, although he only lived to be 62. Just the day before he died, he and I, at age 15, took a long walk across our farm, where they were visiting us on vacation. The two of us visited like never before. I have long since forgotten what we said but I will never forget that walk. God brought them from New Mexico to Arkansas that week, giving him a final chance to pour his life and love into his oldest grandchild on his last day. He was buried on Father's Day, with a glorious, worshipful service, including music provided by their church’s beautifully robed choir! His name was Bryan.

   My father was also named Bryan. He served the Lord faithfully--for many years as an ordained, beloved Deacon. Years later, our own son, Bryan, surrendered his life to God’s call to become a Pastor while attending a college retreat, at Glorieta, in New Mexico. My grandparents had gone there many times, starting the year it opened, and Russell and I had taught there already and have since. The legacy continued!

   Mother's mother (Nannie) was a godly lady. Grandaddy provided a home in Kansas for his family, but apparently not always a happy one. When Mother first met PaPa, as her potential father-in-law, it was only then that she felt it would be okay to marry Daddy, because she saw how differently my PaPa treated Grandmother than in the marriage she had grown up observing at home. She knew then she could trust her love for PaPa’s son, who would become my Daddy. What an important legacy. Years later, she went home to join all of them in Heaven--on Father's Day of 2011.

   That is how Father's Day and weddings blend in my mind. That...and watching my own dear husband be a loving husband, Dad, and PaPa through my own marriage. Happy Father's Day, Honey! May your legacy be everlasting, as well...

Marsha Cook


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