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September 20, 2017, 10:40 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…October 2017

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

  God has a way of reminding us that He often uses the quiet obedience of His people to do amazing things. As we attended the recent 100th Anniversary celebration at Falls Creek on a Sunday night—with 6000-7000 others—we were all reminded of how that wonderful place began with just two praying men. When J.B. Rounds and W.D. Moorer knelt to pray in the Arbuckle Mountains they could have never pictured what Falls Creek would look like 100 years later and how many thousands—more likely millions—of lives would be changed around the world in one way or another because of the ripple effect of what happens at that place! There are actually more international missionaries and other ministry servants that are serving around the world who were called out while at Falls Creek than any other one place!

  Many Baptists are familiar with “World Crafts,” a worldwide craft ministry featuring handmade items by women whose lives have been changed because of this income-producing opportunity and, hopefully, because their lives are also being touched by the Gospel. Yet, that did not start out as a worldwide ministry. It began with one sweet missionary wife, Betty Butcher (yes, a beloved Oklahoman), who was serving in Thailand with her missionary doctor husband, Dr. Orby Butcher. While there, she quietly and faithfully began working with just 10 women, teaching them crafts and helping them get started. In those days, Betty never, ever realized God was helping her start a worldwide ministry!

  In God’s Word, we see page after page of faithful servants who just obeyed God with what He put in front of them to do. None of them ever knew we would exist now and still be reading about and learning from their life stories thousands of years later. Yet, we read of the “greats”—Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Ruth, Esther, Mary & Joseph, Peter, Stephen, Paul, etc, etc, etc. They weren’t trying to be “great.” They were just listening, trusting, obeying, and walking the walk of being faithful.

  Each of us know persons today who do the same, not trying to impress anyone—just faithfully serving. God sees. God knows. God has a plan to bless and multiply their obedience. Thank the Lord He turns the “ordinary” into “extraordinary” in a way that only He can! 

Marsha Cook, Director


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