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October 26, 2017, 9:33 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey...November 2017

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

  I enjoy reading history—for-real history, historical fiction and, of course, Biblical history. Sometimes I think how all alive are making history of some kind every day. Our personal contribution on a given day, or even over a lifetime, may not be spectacular, but contribute we do.

  We often see and hear so much about people seemingly desperate to delete history for whatever personal or societal reasons they may have. That is foolish, at best. If we delete history, we cannot learn from it. All history is not “good” or painless or pleasant, but we can all learn good from it. If there were parts of history that should not have happened, we cannot change that by pretending it didn’t happen. We change it by...changing. That happens only when hearts are changed. But, we do not—cannot—change it by trying to erase the record of it or by punishing those today who had nothing to do with it. Instead, we should work together to improve the situation(s) from lessons learned.

  When I read about all that early immigrants and pioneers went through to build this nation at great sacrifice, no matter their ethnic background, I stand amazed at their perseverance through multiple hardships. When I read of the Christian leaders, missionaries and martyrs through the ages who have taken the Gospel around the world at great personal cost I sometimes wonder if what I am personally doing is “enough”—I know some days my contributions are pretty small. When I see an increasing number of random people in our nation and in our world having great disregard for the people of history and the values of history, it breaks my heart. We have not been put on earth to destroy it or its people. Instead, we have been put on this earth to nurture it and its people and to tell them of God’s great love by word and by deed. 

  Broad historical education with a sharp focus on right and wrong is necessary. Knowledge of God’s Word is mandatory. An awareness of the sacrifices and vision of those who have gone before us is motivating. Avoiding foolishness and embracing wisdom are crucial. A commitment to God’s purpose for us each, which includes personal holiness, is key. What does that say to you and to me on this very day of our own personal history???

  Marsha Cook, Director


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