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April 21, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey-May 2015

With MOTHER’S DAY approaching, I couldn’t help but think again about how Mother had so much to do with shaping my life. Memories began to flow. Here are a few to share with you…

MOTHER taught me as a tiny child to love God’s Word. Waiting for the birth of my sister, Gail, she spent much time confined to bed. Trying to control/entertain 2-3-year-old me, she kept me close and taught me to memorize scripture…maybe 100??? Gail is sure she must have heard them in Mother’s womb, too! Mother never stopped being my most ardent, yet gentle, spiritual mentor—at home and at church!

MOTHER never had huge clothing budgets. But she knew how to wisely spend what she had! She taught us the fun art of bargain-shopping the best stores with the least amount of money! We often put clothes in layaway at the best store in town for a whole year. She also encouraged my desire to learn to sew and I loved doing that for many years.

MOTHER knew how to dispense “tough love,” saying the hard things so that I would grow up, be independent and realize my potential. For instance, she gently but firmly explained to me, as a teen struggling with shyness, that shyness is actually a form of selfishness, because it shows you are only concerned with what other people think about oneself. What a life-changer that was for me!

MOTHER extended hospitality to all she could with generosity and graciousness. More often than not our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables were shared with international university students. She and Daddy were careful to share the love of Christ during those celebrations. They often found creative ways to practice hospitality by “coloring outside the lines” of the normal ways of doing that.

MOTHER was the epitome of the so-called submissive wife, yet she also exhibited how to graciously express her own opinion. She and Daddy worked as a team, no matter what. Sacrificial love was a very real picture in our home.

MOTHER taught us to find beauty in the small things. Noticing wildflowers in a field. Taking pictures of spectacular Fall trees in the Ozarks. Enjoying the fragrance of making endless jars of strawberry jam and spreading the “foam” on freshly buttered bread to enjoy as we worked. Noticing cloud formations in the blue sky or the promise of a rainbow. Listening to classical music on 33rpm records while we dusted and polished our beautiful, antique upright piano—and insisting that beautiful music would eventually come from hours of practicing there for our own piano lessons!

Thank you, MOTHER, for being my “Proverbs 31 Lady!”

Marsha Cook


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