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February 19, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey-March 2015

It was on a Friday—Russell’s day off. He took a late morning nap. I decided to surprise him with a fun, brunch-type meal on a pretty plate. I planned to gently wake him where he sat in his favorite chair by placing a yummy meal under his nose.

   At the last moment I decided to get one final thing out of the refrigerator. As I opened the door…CRASH!!!  A pint jar of homemade jam hit our stone floor and shattered into a gooey mess that failed to catch all of the shards of glass flying everywhere. Our miniature Yorkie (4# worth) barely escaped getting hit in the head as she jumped and ran to safety. I stood in horror as glass flew by me, my feet shod only in fuzzy socks. “Russselllll….help!”

   My startled husband, thankfully wearing tennis shoes, stumbled into the kitchen to rescue me. After sleepily grasping the situation, he patiently began to clean up that hopeless mess…while I stared in dismay at our quickly cooling nice, hot brunch, with which I had hoped to surprise him. He was surprised alright, but not in the way I had planned! Once he cleared a glass-free path for me, I left the room to get some shoes.

   In our bedroom, I found myself muttering (complaining) out loud. “Okay, Lord, help me understand THIS one! Why in this world would my nice surprise turn into such a mess??? There’s bound to be a lesson in this one but, for the life of me, I don’t know what it could be.”

   Suddenly I knew. I had made a very bad decision. I was the culprit who had decided to set that jar of jam in the door’s shelf, stacked in a rather precarious position, telling myself it would be okay. I had consciously made a poor choice.

   We all make decisions…large and small, many made in the spur of the moment. Even if we have a fleeting thought that maybe we shouldn’t, we do it anyway. Then there are those times we say, “Yes,” and make good decisions. Every decision counts, one way or the other. I quickly thought of many people in the Bible whose life stories carry examples of decisions that have rippled down through the ages.

   People decide every day to do things that ultimately either hurt or help. Even if it is as small as putting a jar of jam where…it could break…cut someone’s feet…kill their tiny dog…or wake up a resting husband.

   My startled husband also had a decision to make: to yell in anger or to help clean up the mess and keep things safe. I’m so glad he loves me and takes care of me, without yelling—even when I do dumb things.

Marsha Cook


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