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May 16, 2017, 2:40 PM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…June 2017

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

  Most ladies have a sorta love/”hate” response to the Proverbs 31 Lady! Who thinks they can keep up with that paragon of virtue in just about every area of life? When does that lady ever sleep??? She stays busy at home and throughout her community, compassionately and competently meeting needs wherever she goes. Her talents, gifts, and influence seem endless.

  Yet, she had none of the mechanical blessings we all seem to have today. Years ago, when our young children were all tucked into bed at night, I would fall into bed exhausted, wishing for “servant girls” to help! Then I would chuckle and say quietly to Russell in the dark, “Well, I have all of my ‘servant girls’ working...the dishwasher is washing our dishes and I have a load in the washer and one in the dryer!” I would have cooked our meal on a modern stove with food from the grocery store, kept in my refrigerator or freezer. Clothing and home décor were often created on my trusty sewing machine! I had run all of my errands in a car, comfortable with either heat or air conditioning! Most of my ‘servant girls’ were mechanical, not human! Yet...had I also met the needs of my family and my community with unending compassion and creativity? Had I loved others during the day as Christ loves me? Those were—and are—the real criteria of a ‘successful day.’

  Then came the days of computers, smart cell phones, social media, and digital appliances and cars. We can communicate with anyone in the world at a second’s notice. Suddenly the learning curve for all of us kicked into high gear. We now must also skillfully learn how to use and afford all of those devices, speak (and abbreviate) the lingo, and know where to go for help when these ‘conveniences’ don’t work right and are temporarily inconvenient!

  Yet...daily I must still ask...have I met the needs of my family and community with unending compassion, creativity, and Christlike love? If not, all of the ‘smart’ devices in the world won’t help! Where do we go for help when LIFE breaks down? Straight into God’s arms and His Word!

  Then, perhaps one day, our husbands, children, grandchildren and communities will rise up and call us ‘blessed’...and they won’t need a smart phone to do it! 

Marsha Cook, Director


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