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December 17, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey-January 2016

Ahhhhhh...the infamous time for New Year's resolutions is fast upon us! How many of us kept the ones we made for this year? Better many of us even remember what they were???
   The longer I live the more I am able to look back and see that Life truly comes in "seasons." Yes, we live through individual days that collect themselves into weeks, months, and years. But, somewhere along the way, we are often called upon to accept the seasons of our lives.
   When we were children, time seemed to stretch out before us and we didn't believe it when the adults in our lives told us that Christmas would come around faster every year. When our own three children were all preschoolers, friends would say, "Enjoy them while they are young. They won't stay that way long!" It's hard to grasp that fact when Chicken Pox progressively runs through a young household for six (6) straight weeks! Then we all think the teen years won't fly by fast enough to get both parents and teens safely to the other side! As multiple graduations and weddings happen in a flurry...and then the grandchildren begin to arrive, we start thinking, "How did we ever get HERE so fast?"
   Often young mothers wonder if they are missing something by setting aside their college training in order to devote their time more fully to raising their children. This is a precious "season" of life. The college training received will benefit the whole family and community in creative, if unexpected, ways. It will not go to waste. Learn to embrace this God-given season joyfully.
   In caring for my elderly and ailing parents, I walked into a season I did not know would happen. Later, I came to understand that they, too, were walking into a new season of their own, even if they were unable to recognize it. Now, as I get ever closer to my next decade, I see new seasons coming. For instance, we just helped our daughter's family (including four of our seven grandchildren) move over 1000 miles away. We have just entered a brand new season of learning how to be a long-distance family, holidays included.
   Through it all, we must remember that we dare not miss the present, by regretting the past or always pushing toward the future. Today came from yesterday. Tomorrow

is today's future. We must not miss the "todays," living so in the regrets of yesterday or so anticipating tomorrow that we totally miss the presence of today. We should embrace seasons as they come. They are not the end-all moments in life. They are here...only for a season. If we commit to living each single day to pleasing God, He will add them all together to compose that ever-elusive future...a season at a time!

Marsha Cook


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