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January 26, 2017, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey...February 2017

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

  Russell recently preached a sermon on the “Sanctity of Life” at one of our churches. When he mentioned the great care given to young babies outside the womb, at the same age(s) as babies in the womb are being aborted, I had a flashback to the birth of one of our granddaughters. She lived in NICU for her first week—a full-term baby among many tiny preemies. Once I watched not one, but three, very careful, compassionate adults come in and gently attach many tubes/wires to someone else's tiny baby. Many babies the (developmental) age of that tiny one were likely being aborted across the country that very hour—while she was receiving absolutely beautiful care, as a valued and wanted baby. Yes, a baby is a baby, no matter where it lives, or how old it is developmentally!

  The Sunday night after Russell preached his message, he opened up a testimony time in the evening service. It was apparent that the message had struck a chord in the hearts of the people. One older man shared how his girlfriend back in 1974 had aborted their baby without his knowledge and how that had broken his heart, filling him with sorrowful guilt for many years. I once heard another gentleman in a different church give a similar testimony. All babies, no matter how they are conceived, have both mamas and daddies. We tend to forget that caring daddies suffer a loss, too, when the baby's mama does not allow him/her to live. It is not simply a “woman's right to choose.”

  “Lord, please fill our hearts and minds with love for all babies because we love You. And give all of these children homes, whether natural or adoptive, where they will be loved and learn to love You, too.

Marsha Cook, Director


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