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January 28, 2016, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey-February 2016

   We recently helped move our daughter’s family to Arizona. We travelled through many different terrains (plains, mesas, high altitude mountains—some covered with pines, some covered with cacti—and deserts). They live in a desert now, but it is actually more of a beautiful oasis. Oddly, it is very close to the same area where we once had an associational partnership for six years. So, we personally have gotten to watch some of the incredible growth and transformation of the area happen in recent years.

   There are many people, businesses, and homes in that “desert” area, but also much uniquely beautiful vegetation. We saw multiple varieties of palm trees, evergreens, sage, mesquite, cacti, beautiful flowering plants, and prolific citrus fruit trees! How is all of this possible in a desert? Because there may not be as much rain as the rest of us are used to getting, but there is apparently enough water underground to support all of that life—human, animal, and vegetation! Underground streams and springs covered by the sands of a desert are a local hidden treasure.

   How amazing is that??? What once appeared desolate and apparently devoid of life and beauty can actually sustain life because of a hidden source of hydration/nutrition! Beauty and vitality are springing forth out of the most unlikely of places.

   The same can be true in each of our lives. At times we feel like we are in desolation and dryness and lack of vitality—yes, even in our spiritual lives. Yet, as Christians, we have residing within us living water—the Lord—Who wants so much to share with us His power, His strength, His sustenance, His life, His vitality, His beauty. We must never lose hope.

   One of the most helpful books I read during the energy-draining and sad time of caring for my parents as they finished their lives in the seeming stronghold of Alzheimer’s was STREAMS IN THE DESERT by L.B. Cowman. It is a soothing, encouraging, strengthening book of 366 daily devotions. I encourage you to get a copy and let it take YOU through your own personal desert times.   

Marsha Cook


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