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March 15, 2018, 3:12 PM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…April 2018

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

  I said last month I would "continue" this month where I left off then. Of course, since that time, the wonderful Dr. Billy Graham went home to Jesus. His death has not only brought renewed attention to the Gospel he preached, but also attention to the Christ-like life he exemplified. I would imagine the most frequently used character traits applied to him in the past couple of weeks or so have been "humble" and "humility." There seems to be no doubt that was at the very core of his being. How many people do you know who will have that said about them at the end of their lives by everyone who knew them? I dare say not many of us!

  In fact, in this day and age, humility is a rarity. That begs the question: What is the opposite of humility? Self-centeredness, intentional criticism, pride and competitiveness, without a doubt! It also sends us right back to what we have talked about the last couple of and the Law (specifically the basic Ten Commandments). Hmmmmm...sound familiar?

  What did Jesus say when questioned about the most important laws? He said ..."Thou shalt love the Lord thy God...and love thy neighbor as thyself' (Luke 10:27). Love God. Love your neighbor. Period. Self-centeredness has nothing to do with either one of those.

Love God? "If you love me, keep my commandments" (John 4:15).

Love your neighbor? "Thou shalt honor thy father and mother…thou shalt not kill (murder)...commit adultery...steal...bear false witness...covet" (Exodus 20:2-17).

  Yes, we talked about it last month, but we cannot get away from it, can we? If we want to truly love, then we will keep His commandments. If we live like that, we will exhibit humility, because living like that is considering others and what belongs to them more important than ourselves.

  I suspect all of us who have watched Dr. Graham's memorial services have cause to ask ourselves what our own lives look like. No, he was not perfect, but his life was one from which we can certainly learn. I know it has made me take a much more careful look at my own life and to re-assess how I am letting God use me-not just in the larger sense, but in every single moment. Am I humble, patient, loving, consistent, and growing in the Lord? Every moment? How about you?                                                            

Marsha Cook, Director               


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