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July 27, 2017, 9:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey ...August 2017

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

  Associational Children’s Camp at Falls Creek...Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix...vacation time visiting our daughter's family, while staying in a mission house in the desert! It's a given that we have had a super-wonderful summer, despite my long bout with bronchitis and laryngitis from desert dust and pollens! 

  But, God had a way of just dropping little vignettes of mission opportunities or life lessons into 3330 miles driven! 

  In Phoenix, we watched a building being constructed under our hotel window, showing us a perfect picture of how the body of Christ should work, each person using their gifts/talents in unified harmony.

  At the convention, we witnessed graciousness and fellowship at work in a tough business meeting or two that should be an example to us all. 

  During our vacation time, we got the chance to minister to a church without a Pastor in the association where we once had a 6-year partnership. Russell preached for them and we went to eat with some new friends!

  At one of our rest/gasoline stops, a lady sitting in her car with the door open admired my cane, mentioning how she had left home without hers. I got my "spare," which had once been my dad's, from my van and gave it to her, asking if she would let Jesus bless her. She was so blessed I wasn't sure she would ever let me go!  

  As we sat down to eat supper in an Albuquerque restaurant, another lady was in the next booth on her phone, dealing with at least one big problem in her life. She sounded lonely and at a loss of what to do. When the waiter asked if he could get her anything, she asked for prayer! What a time to be experiencing about 99.9% laryngitis! While Russell was gone to the restroom, I wrote her a note on a napkin, letting her know I couldn't talk but that she could always know that a lady who loved Jesus would be praying for her. Visibly stunned, she grabbed my hand and thanked me. When I left she was still staring at the napkin. She seemed stunned to know that God saw and heard the cry of her heart.

"Lord, help us all to keep our eyes and ears open to what You want to show us!” 

Marsha Cook, Director


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