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October 26, 2015, 12:00 AM

A Nugget from my Spiritual Journey - November 2015

   NOVEMBER…a month to focus on “thankfulness,” which sends my mind all over the place. I am literally overwhelmed at how much I have for which to be thankful!

   Of course my salvation in Jesus Christ is #1. Beyond that, God’s patience and graciousness to forgive me over and over and over for sins that occur in my life and His willingness to always teach me new ways to become more like Him are continually amazing.

   I am also thankful for the family He has given me. First, my parents and sister, and then in later years, the addition of a loving husband, three children and their three mates, and seven grandchildren. I am so grateful for our strong and loving marriages. Although we stand in constant need of improvement, I am blessed that we all love Him and each other!

   For the years I have been privileged to serve the Lord in many ministry roles, I am humbled that God would have in His plan to use one of the shyest little girls on earth to share with others His love for them. I would have never guessed that God would stretch and use me beyond my wildest imaginations and that He would “loose” my shy tongue, both literally and through writing, so that I could have the joy of teaching and sharing with others His great love.

   As an American citizen, I am also amazed at how patient God is being with us as a nation. Reflecting upon both the history of our nation and the current events I see today, I am “blown away” that God has not already let His very heavy hand of judgment fall upon us. Never a perfect nation, yet based upon the Judeo-Christian laws of God’s Holy Word, we have come a long ways from that basis and literally deserve His judgment for our national sin(s). Yet, because of the remnant of His people here and because of His gracious patience, we are still here. Let us never forget that we are “…one nation, under God…” and be thankful that He has continued to allow us to be so.

Marsha Cook


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