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August 24, 2017, 10:17 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey…

  It may come as a surprise to some, but those who are called upon by God and by their churches to teach or preach do it best when they not only study God’s Word but learn to personally live it! I have been teaching for many years now and still find myself surprising myself. Not that I think I am perfect. No way. But the surprise comes when I find myself doing something or saying something I shouldn’t when I know that I already know better! It is not only a surprise but a disappointing sin.

  When we learn math, we learn facts like 2+2=4 and 5x20=100 and so forth. Once we learn those, the “constant” that has always existed becomes a “constant” in our personal daily dealings with math. We learn those facts and we use them faithfully all of our lives without question. However, when we deal with life’s circumstances in general, it seems that we often learn truths (facts/commands) from God’s Word and we may even accept and act like they are true for awhile...but...then we turn right around and act like they aren’t true any more because we choose to do our own thing. We would think that is silly if we did that in math. What if each of us made up our own math rules as we go along? How would we ever measure things, buy and sell things, determine speed limits, etc, if there were no consistent math “rules” among us? 

  God has not kept His perfect plan (“constant”) a secret from us. He has given and preserved His Word throughout the ages for us to have so that we don’t have to wonder how He wants us to act in life. But, how often do we set it aside and just do our own thing? Way too often, I’m afraid! I just finished going through a lengthy set of scriptures I plan to use while teaching a conference later this week and, even though I have taught these scriptures many times, they hit my own heart again. They just challenged me to not only remember when they have been evident in my life in the past but to re-evaluate how I am doing with following them now. I challenge YOU to do the same...take each and every direction you hear from God to heart...once again.

Marsha Cook, Director


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